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                          Fritillaria     Description






The genus Fritillaria are very close to lilies and Nomocharis, so close that several species have switched from one to another genus. There is about 150 species and sub-species of Fritillaria. Mostly all Fritillaria grows on the northern hemisphere and mostly all Fritillaria requires a well-drained soil and is therefore ideal for rock garden.

Fritillaria assyriaca

Distribution area: eastern Turkey and northern Iraq.

Fritillaria crassifolia

Distribution area: especially Turkey, but also Lebanon and Iran.

Fritillaria drenowskii

Distribution area: Bulgaria and Greece.

Fritillaria gracea
ssp. thessala

Distribution area: northern Greece, southern Bulgaria and in Albania.

Fritillaria hermonis
ssp. amana

Distribution area: Turkey, Syria and Lebanon

Fritillaria involucrata

Distribution area: The French and Italian Alps.

Fritillaria latifolia
var. aurea

Distribution area: The central Turkey

Fritillaria meleagris alba fl.pl.

A rare double form of the well known F. meleagris.

Fritillaria messanensis

Grows in several countries around the Mediterranean and North Africa.

Fritillaria michailovskyi

Distribution area: The north eastern Turkey, especially around the lakes Van and Kars.

Fritillaria montana

Distribution area: France, Italy, Yugoslavia and Greece

Fritillaria pallidiflora

Distribution area: The Central Asia.

Fritillaria pudica

Distribution area: northwestern North America

Fritillaria puquiensis

Distribution area: China

Fritillaria pyrenaica

Distribution area: In the Pyrenees

Fritillaria sewerzowii

Distribution area: Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, northern Pakistan, Kashmir and parts of China.

Fritillaria tubiformis

Distribution area: France and Italy