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                           How I grow Trillium in Denmark  

Pedicellate typer/Pedicellate types

Sessile typer/Sessile types

Asiatiske arter/Asian species





My experience with Trillium in Denmark


I live in the northwestern area of Denmark, only 15 kilometres from the North Sea and in an area where we are getting plenty of rain during the winter and having temperatures in winter nights around 0 C. +5 to Ė 6, occasional down to Ė 10 C . I have grown several of the northern American Trillium species, like T. grandiflorum and T. erectum, for many years, with no problems.

Trillium grandiflora flora plena

Trillium decipens

A few years ago I got my first Southern species, as far as I remember, it was T. decipiens, a species which is quite rare here in Denmark and therefore I wanted to give it the best place in my garden, on a south-facing terrace, in shade below a Rhododendron. The soil was peat with plenty of humus and it grew well, but in late spring the weather were very warm and every day when I was coming home from work, the leafs of my T. decipiens were hanging down and I could see it was not the best place for my rare Trillium.


Later the same year I made a new bed in an area, where I used to have a well drained rock garden. I removed about 30 cm. of the soil and topped it with a 30 cm mix of peat and humus instead; I didnít move the big stones from the bed and below the peat mix, there still were a very good drainage. new bed


new bed In same area grows a big Metasequoia glyptostroboides and it gives a very useful shadow, here I planted my T. decipiens and the following spring I didnít have any problems with the heat.


Later I have been able to get other southern species as T. discolor, T. gracile, T. ludovicianum and T. foetidissimum and they all grow well in the same bed. Trillium discolor


plastic cover

  Every autumn/winter I protect the plants with a handful of pine needles and a little plastic covering, it will protect the plants during cold nights in spring
and the plastic will protect for all the rain we get during the winter.