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Der er billeder ved de planter som er understreget

There are pictures of the plant which are underlined






Polygonatum amabile Silver Striped

Polygonatum amabile Green striped

Polygonatum amabile Golden Leaf

Polygonatum amabile Three colour variegated

Polygonatum lasianthum Yellow variegated

Polygonatum falcatum Silver Striped

Polygonatum falcatum "Izunishiki"

Polygonatum falcatum golden yellow variegated

Polygonatum falcatum golden yellow variegated 2

Polygonatum lasianthum 'Seppaku-Sankou Naka Fu'

Polygonatum lasianthum 'Maruba Ougon Chiri-Fu'

Polygonatum lasianthum variegated

Polygonatum involucrata yellow variegated

Polygonatum involucrata variegated

Polygonatum involucrata f. center yellow variegated

Polygonatum multiflorum 'Ramosisima'

Polygonatum odoratum Variegated MT. Fuji.

Polygonatum odoratum 'Byakko'

Polygonatum odoratum v. pluriflorum Jingogi form

Polygonatum odoratum "Daikouga"

Polygonatum odoratum variegated

Polygonatum odoratum variegated 2

Polygonatum odoratum "Kayaba Nishiki"

Polygonatum odoratum "Yomato Nishiki"

Polygonatum odoratum "Sankou-Fu"

Polygonatum odoratum "Taiga"

Polygonatum odoratum "Fudou Nishiki"

Polygonatum zanlanscianense

Polygonatum pubescens "Forest Fog"

Polygonatum verticillata "Gigant One"